FEE GUIDE 16 March 2022

  Residential Conveyancing        
Property price   Fee from (plus Vat)  
under £100,000   £950        
£100,001 to £200,000 £1,000        
£200,001 to £300,000 £1,100        
£300,001 to £400,000 £1,150        
£400,001 to £500,000 £1,200        
£500,001 to £600,000 £1,250        
£600,001 to £700,000 £1,300        
£700,001 to £800,000 £1,450        
£800,001 to £900,000 £1,550        
£900,001 to £1m   £1,650        
£1m and below £1.5m £1,800        
£1.5m and below £2m £2,800        
£2m and below £3m £3,800        
above £3m            tbc        
Extras     Charges from (plus Vat)






Transfer of title




Legal charge registration £650        
Right to Buy   £200        
Mortgage redemption £200        
Leasehold    £200        
AML fund checks   £150        
With mortgage   £750        
Help to Buy element £200        
SDLT return handling £75        
Bank transfer (each) £35        
Auction purchase           £200        
Restaurant & takeaway Fee from (plus Vat and disbursements)  
New licence   £750        
Transfer new £500        
Transfer existing   £300




* Our fees including additional charges are on a fixed fee basis. In general, Panel Solicitor fees are not our fees unless we directly act for the lender. Our base legal fees and additional charges attract VAT at 20%. All agreed work will be carried out by a Partner or, an Assistant Solicitor or Paralegal/Trainee Solicitor under supervision of a Partner, with the support of our conveyancing team. The Head of our Conveyancing Team is a Partner and an experienced Solicitor in the field. 

** A payment made to suppliers on behalf of client is called 'disbursement' the cost of which is passed on to the client. Whether disbursements attract VAT is a matter for the third party suppliers. 



Immigration (excluding asylum)        
Type of matter     Fee from (excl. Vat and disbursements)
Global Talent Visa - endorsement £1,500        
Global Talent Visa - application  £1,000        
Global Talent Visa - endorse + apply £2,500        
Tier 4 Student (first time)   £1,000        
Tier 4 Student (extension)   £800        
Visitor Visa (multiple entry)   £850        
Visitor Visa (6 months)   £650        
Innovator (£50,000 route)   £6,000        
Tier 1 Entrepreneur (initial)   (phased out 29.3.2019)    
Tier 1 Entrepreneur (ext/settle) £2,500        
Tier 1 Investor (initial)   £12,000        
Tier 1 Investor (ext/settle)   £3,000        
Sole Representative (initial)   £9,000        
Sole Representative (ext/settle) £2,500        
Tier 2 (General) (initial)   £1,800        
Tier 2 (General) (ext/settle)   £900        
T2 Sponsor Licence small   £2,000        
T2 Sponsor Licence large   £4,000        
PBS Dependent (extension)   £800        
PBS Dependent (settlement)   £900        
Spouse initial UK/ext/settle - employed £900        
Spouse initial UK/ext/settle - business £1,200        
Spouse initial overseas   £1,800        
FLR related application initial 2.5 years £2,800        
FLR related extension 2.5 years £795        
FLR related settlement ILR    £900        
10 years Long Residence settlement £1,000        
EU Pre-Settled /EEA Family initial £1,000        
EU Settled Status / ILR    £1,250        
British citizenship - adult    £795        
British citizenship - child   £700        
UK passport (BC)     £450        
HO Travel Document   £600        
NTL/TOC Application   £500        
NTL/TOC Application (with issue) £1,200        
Right of Abode      £650        
Non Acquisition certificate   £200        
Nationality status letter   £400        
HO SAR data     £300        
FTT Appeal     £2,500         
Judicial Review     £3,500        
Administrative Review (PBS)   £500        
Attending hearing local   £300         
Attending hearing elsewhere   £800        

* The above fees apply to main applicant only and are on a fixed fee basis. Where dependents are included, additional fee per dependent is to be charged ranging from £500 to £700 per person. Our fees attract VAT at 20% in most cases. Immigration Health Surcharge, Home Office application fees, biometric enrolment fees, document scanning service fees, biometric appointment fees and court/tribunal fees are disbursements and charged by third party suppliers. Such immigration disbursements do not attract VAT except for document scanning service and biometric appointments provided by commercial partners of the Home Office. All agreed work is to be carried out either by a Partner of the Firm or a non-solicitor immigration caseworker under supervision. The Head of our Immigration Team is a Partner and an experienced Solicitor in the field.
** expert fee e.g. barrister's fee is additional and may attract VAT at 20%.

*** travelling within England & Wales only.